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Photograph (c)2008 Lauralyn Bellamy
For the story of the bodily resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth on the 3rd day to have the foundational importance American Christians declare, we must recognize the primacy he and his immediate followers gave to being a man of flesh and blood.
Jesus embraced the gift of embodiment; the call to heal physical disease and suffering; to enjoy eating and drinking in ways that cherished participation in the beloved community of fellow Jews, observing the Mosaic dietary laws and the responsibility to feed his followers – not just spiritually, but literally!
The resurrection stories Luke recorded in the Acts of the Apostles all focus on the physically embodied Christ eating and drinking with his followers, placing "doubting" Thomas’ hand in the gash in his side made by a centurion as he hung on the cross…
  • Jesus of Nazareth hanging on the cross at Gethsemane.
  • See him as if you were Mary,his mother, or his beloved disciple, John, standing near the foot of the cross.
  • See the crown of thorns and the bloody tracks it has released.
  • See the linen diaper smudged where he stumbled and fell on the dirt as he carried his cross.
  • See the nails in his wrists and through his feet.
  • See him 100 lbs. overweight.
  • See his morbidly obese body sagging from the cross.

What is your first thought?

Your first feeling?

How would a morbidly obese Jesus affect your understanding of who he was then and now?

Would an obese Jesus change the way you regarded him? His teachings? His acts recorded in the gospels?

Why, when Jesus of Nazareth has been portrayed in works of art as white European, black African, olive-skinned Semite, almond-skinned Asian – even female (the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC has exhibited a larger-than-life statue of a "CHRISTA REGINA" hanging from the cross)!

   – why have there been NO paintings and statues of a fat Jesus? What is the message that has been spontaneously, universally forwarded down through the ages in showing Jesus as a normally weighted human being?

And for those of us who regard him as our Way-shower, our Savior, our Guru, our Master Teacher, our Lord – are we not supposed to  emulate him?

It’s not about "earning" the Christ’s approval or God’s love; both are unconditional to all who open their hearts to receive them.

If embodiment is not THE central focal point of God’s experiment in making the spirit flesh, what is?

So during the SEASON of Easter – yes, the Christian calendar regards Easter as 50 days long, ending with the gift of PENTECOST –

spend 5 minutes a day to contemplate the image of Jesus of Nazareth – alive, crucified, resurrected – in a normally-weighted body; and,

allow the spirit of Wisdom to teach you how to abide and dwell in peace in your own body.

Lovingly sent,





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Are YOU “Penny Wise and POUNDS Foolish?”

Are You Penny Wise & POUNDS FOOLISH?

I couldn’t resist showing you this story [with my comments!] Lauralyn Bellamy 


What Does It Cost to Drop 30 Pounds?

By Bankrate.com


Despite studies saying Americans are getting fatter every year, people are obsessed with weight loss, and the business of losing weight has ballooned into a $30 billion-a-year industry in the U.S. How much would you be willing to spend to lose 30 pounds?

[The American epidemic of obesity & morbid obesity is way beyond a mere 30 pounds of excess fat! If you are agonizing over the same 15-30 lbs. and you’re over 5’2” tall and female, your dieting is not about the weight…Contact me!]

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to weight-loss programs. The key is finding a program that fits your lifestyle and budget. Of course, you could always go the old-fashioned route, reducing calories and increasing exercise, but

[- Let’s be honest, it’s not about learning how to keep it off; it’s always been about discovering how many ways you can learn to lose weight; so, obviously, you MUST regain it!]

many dieters benefit from added structure and support, not to mention the accountability that accompanies an organized program. (There’s nothing like a little peer pressure to keep you motivated.)

Jenny Craig

The weight-loss brand marketed by celebrities including Queen Latifah, Valerie Bertinelli and Phylicia Rashad boasts a sensible approach to weight loss, advocating an average drop in body mass of about 1%, or 1 to 2 pounds per week. The program addresses mind-body aspects of weight loss by helping clients adopt healthful eating and exercise habits, as well as encouraging them to examine the underlying causes of their weight problems. [Insight + $1.75 will get you a cuppa coffee at Starbuck’s. Examine away & you’ll still sabotage your weight loss! ]

Jenny Rewards, priced at $399 or $359, is a 12-month program that rewards dieters’ efforts and weight loss with discounts on food. There’s also an at-home option that is similar except you also pay for shipping and have consultations by phone.

Sign-up costs include weekly one-on-one counseling, personalized menus, motivational plans and assorted manuals and guides, depending on membership level.

Then, there’s the cost of food. The prepackaged foods generally cost $12 to $18 per day, or $84 to $126 per week.*

Cost of losing 30 pounds: $399 or $359 (if paid upfront), not including food.* [Add in the food, $126 x 52weeks = $6,552.00. Grand total? About $7,000! ]


This at-home system (no office visits or weigh-ins) will appeal to those who don’t like to cook. It involves eating the company’s prepackaged meals exclusively. The 28-day program includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (you may add fresh vegetables, fruit and dairy). [Then again, you may not! Who wants fresh fruit & veggies anyway?!] Support is offered through a free Web site.

"Some people lose 1 pound a week; some people lose 3 pounds a week," says a NutriSystem sales representative. If, on average, you lose 2 pounds a week, the diet will take about 4 months. It’s cheaper to sign up for the Auto-Delivery Savings program (the food keeps coming until you cancel), which costs $299.95 per month, shipping incl.

Cost of losing 30 pounds: $1,199.80, including all food, except fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy. [Leaving WHAT? Frozen chicken fingers and fishsticks?]

Weight Watchers

This is one of the most popular diets in the world, probably because there’s no such thing as taboo food. The diet is based on portion control and involves weekly support meetings. [Both valuable factors in successful dieting; but, in and of themselves, not effective in constructing a ‘post-diet life’ in a normal-sized, healthy body.]

The Flex plan means each food is assigned a point value, and you can eat anything as long as you stay within your allotted points. The Core plan involves a pre-approved list of foods… Weight Watchers food items…are optional.

Registration is between $15 and $20, depending on location. Weekly meeting fees range from about $10 to $15, again, location-dependent. The standard monthly plan for Weight Watchers Online costs $46.90 the first month and $16.95 for subsequent months. Plan to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week for 20 weeks to reach a 30-pound weight-loss goal.

Cost of losing 30 pounds: $214.80 to $299.80, depending on location, or $97.75 online, not including food.

The Zone Diet

This well-rounded plan is based on a 40-30-30 ratio of daily calories obtained from carbohydrates, proteins and favorable fats.

Though you could buy a book and follow the diet independently, [A sure-fire recipe for failure!] why not do it like the stars? Opt for the company’s “In the Zone Delivery.” The service delivers a customized daily supply of food (3 meals and 2 snacks) to subscribers in most metropolitan areas by 6 a.m. each day. Outside major cities, you can receive two to three days’ worth of food at a time for a higher delivery fee.

Signing up for the 30-day "Chef Selected" plan will cost $39.99 a day plus a shipping charge, which is $3 for customers in most cities and $10 for those in other areas. If you want to try it out for 2 weeks, you’ll pay $44.99 per day plus shipping. The average Zone dieter loses 8 to 10 pounds a month, and it will take 3 or 4 months to drop 30 pounds. [If you’re clinically obese or morbidly obese, hope you win the lottery!]

Cost of losing 30 pounds: $3,869 to $5,159, which includes $3 a day for delivery.

Free advice

These diets are just the tip of the iceberg. The options for losing weight are endless.  [The endless variety! Tha’t what makes yoyo dieting so much fun!]


It’s also important to be realistic. [Meaning, there’s a 90% chance you’ll gain it all back, and more, in a year or two! NIH study.]

Ask yourself whether you can afford the program and whether it fits your lifestyle. If you have the motivation but not the means, don’t fret. Instead, consider the age-old method for losing weight: Reduce the number of calories you take in while exercising to increase the amount you burn off. [It’s “age-old” because it delivers on its promise. The problem is, it doesn’t promise to show you how to keep from gaining it back!]

This article reported and written by Sheyna Steiner & Rose Raymond for Bankrate.com. Michelle Warren contributed. Provided to you by Your Chaplain Inc.

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Does Success Intrigue You?

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13 Weeks from Tomorrow – OMG!

13 Weeks from Tomorrow is Christmas!

And the Good News Is – What?©

By Lauralyn Bellamy, MA, MDiv, cert. Dream Coach® & DC Group Leader


Let’s talk truth here. The situation is tighter than that. We know that all the holiday eating actually begins around Thanksgiving, right?  Just think about all those office parties, client lunches and dinners, family gatherings, social events and all those snapshots to record those memorable moments…9 weeks away!


Are you confident of your ability to get through all those “moveable feasts” without gaining weight?


 Or are you already resigned to eating mindlessly, eating too much, eating to calm your nerves, to console yourself, eating foods you know will put you on an emotional roller coaster?


Are you already planning your January diet boot camp?


Is yo-yo dieting your life?


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And what if the weekly cost of this 12-week Foundation Program in the Embody Success!© Coaching Method was about what you’d expect to pay for a one-hour massage? Would it be worth your while to schedule a complimentary consultation with me to find out? Are you worth it?


I’ve been guiding obese and morbidly obese clients through this program for over 3 years after perfecting it on myself, and it works!! I have addressed hundreds at conferences on chronic obesity across the nation. My clients are across the US.


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Give yourself the tools you need to live the life of your dreams!

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Obesity and Incarnation (c)2008 Lauralyn Bellamy

February 27


How’s this for a "catch-22:"
When I dieted down to an acceptable size 12 I’d suspect the main reason any guy was being friendly to me was my looks; which made his attention bogus as that was superficial and not the real me…
When I ballooned into plus-sizes I’d be satisfied that any guy who was being nice to me had the intelligence and imagination to discern the REAL me hiding underneath all that fat.
Either way, without questioning the assumption at all, I lived in a world where the body my brain was animating on behalf of my personality was not a part of me, not a reflection of me, not an expression of me – just something "off the rack."
Then I began to learn and experience the meaning of INCARNATION, what it truly means to be fully human and filled with that divine Spirit.To those of us in the USA who choose to engage in that lifelong dialogue and intimate relationship with the Mystery that is most often labeled "God," and have surrendered to the agony of obesity or anorexia/bulemia – it is a vexing denial of the true magnificence of our creation that we separate the concept of Self from our physical bodies.
Moreover, physical science would seem to confirm the wisdom of the divine blueprint: there is "intelligence" hardwired into every interdependent biological system running our bodies – including our brains! The invitation of the gift of incarnating (the question of re-incarnating is irrelevant to this discussion) is to use the gift of this lifetime consciously, intentionally and with absolute integrity integrating the internal, intimate dialogue among and between body, mind and spirit.
Fact is, the original Christian Church and its seminal theologians wrestled, fought and killed one another over this very issue: the gnostics argued that bodies were little more than inanimate containers that we put on and discarded at the end of life; that when Jesus became THE Christ, he borrowed a body so it would appear that he suffered and died on the cross. Ultimately, the Gnostics lost and were labeled heretics. The mystery of being human is not meant to be reduced to a simple answer.
(Not all heresies are created equal, BTW; but that’s another blog!
That’s why it takes a lifetime to accumulate bits of wisdom.Little children are fully integrated in that un-self-conscious state of one-ness. As we are taught about this world we start to abstract and compartmentalize – necessary survival skills. And, sometime in adulthood, the pendulum reaches an uncomfortable extreme where we realize we’re living "totally up in our heads" and starts to swing back.
Some of us, on the journey from obesity swing past balance and "act out" our need to experience the gluttony of lust. Even then, however, we will likely find ourselves searching for that middle place of balance.
So as we contemplate the coming of Spring, the coming of Easter, the coming of swimsuit weather, etc. give yourselves the opportunity to reflect on the miracle of incarnation you are and measure the gap between how you’re treating your body and its participation in your self-realization as an original work by God!
 Lauralyn (I’m still documenting my journey with photography. It’s still the best way for me to honestly see myself. I took this snapshot at home, 2 weeks ago. It ain’t art; but, it’s real!)
  PS For the record, I’m STILL wearing size 8 jeans. See my
BEFORE & AFTER" photo album.


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