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In the summer of 2004, after 18 months of intentionally shedding my morbidly obese fat, I celebrated by having a photo of myself wearing all-white! When I went to the national "open casting" call for Oprah Winfrey’s next TV project, "Your Own Show" [a competitive, reality-TV series] I decided to wear the same white slacks to show how, using my EMBODY SUCCESS! method, I not only had kept off the weight , but those size 10 slacks were now baggy!!
"I can’t lose weight!" is simply not accurate for 98% of those of us who are obese. The truth is, "I can’t keep the weight loss!" Chronic dieters are experts on dieting. I could lose weight on EVERY diet I ever tried. I just couldn’t keep the pounds off!  And, in the classic definition of what it means to "yo-yo diet," I would not only gain back what I’d dieted off, but go past that!
What a person needs to avoid gaining back the weight, is the knowledge and behavior to shutdown their self-sabotage machinery.  That’s what my FOUNDATION PROGRAM gives clients in 12 weekly, personal telephone sessions. And the method can be applied to ANY area of one’s life that is suffering from self-sabotage!! What has your helplessness in the face of self-sabotage cost you? To learn more about the Foundation Program and schedule a complimentary consult, simply email or skype me!
PHOTOS [L-R: June 26, 2010;  August, 2004; Thanksgiving, 2001 with Mom
Lauralyn at Thanksgiving, 2001:
C’mon, what have you got to lose?!

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