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By Lauralyn Bellamy, MA, MDiv, cert. DREAMCOACH(r)
 Christmas Day, 2002 in 3X pants!         
  Christmas Eve 2003 in size 12!            
  2009, my 5th Christmas Day in size 8!   
For the last six years I have been living the life of a "weight loss asterisk"* (c) – proudly!
What do I mean?
Depending on which study you use, anyone who can achieve AND maintain their desired weight loss for over a year (some studies say 3 years) is a *WLA. The asterisk appears on every advertisement for weight loss programs and products promising, "AMAZING results as shown by these satisfied customers…" –
*Results not typical
One of the safest bets you can make is this: even if a chronic dieter achieves her/his goal weight, come back in a year and they’ll have gained it back and more. That’s why this predictable pattern is called YO-YO dieting! We spend our lives going up and down, and up-up and down, and up-up-up…
Look at OPRAH WINFREY! Kirstie Ally! (This photo is only 2 months old!)
Carnie Wilson was the poster girl for gastric bypass surgery in 2002. Last week I saw her on a current "reality" program and she’s back in plus-size clothing!These celebrities illustrate the fact that it doesn’t matter what method you use to lose weight: if you haven’t removed the behavioral triggers operating your personal DOOMSDAY machine, you will sabotage your efforts and you will gain back the weight.  
Secondly, NO ONE can shut down their own self-defense mechanism; it will always remain one step ahead of your conscious personality’s most inspired insights! The part of the brain responsible for keeping your Doomesday machine in top operating condition is  like the H.A.L. computer operating the life support systems aboard the space ship in the movie, "2001." When it began identifying the slumbering astronauts as threats to its system, it began shutting down all services to their sleep pods. With two men left, it took both – working together – to go in and remove those elements of its program that were automatically tagging threats and shift it to manual override.
As informative or comforting as a diet book or support group can be; neither is designed to accompany your personality into the recesses of your mind (where your "reptillian" or "caveman" brain center lives) and switch it to manual override. And as long as that part of your brain – the limbic system – is not included in your weight loss program actions and reactions, you will not be able to live the rest of your life off the obesity rollercoaster.
Read my earlier blogs to learn my history with dieting, going back to age 4, if you want to. But know this: what I applied to myself and, since 2005, have coached others to use, has NOTHING to do with "understanding WHY" you sabotage yourself. Why? Because "knowing" why does not change your behavior! You will continue to sabotage yourself; only now, you’ll know WHY you’re doing it!
What makes EMBODY SUCCESS!(r) coaching work over the long haul is its effectiveness at identifying and removing the triggers and reconfiguring the part of your mind responding to your reptillian brain, so that it no longer identifies your weight loss and the healthy lifestyle changes as a threat.
But wait! There’s an added bonus! These behavioral skills are transferable to any area of your life in which you have identified a pattern of self-sabotage! Relationships wrecked? Career crashed and burning? If self-sabotage is at work, EMBODY SUCCESS! coaching will transform your ability to enjoy achievement and go on to new achievements!
I realized that I was more than a weight loss coach when clients began asking if their spouses could work with me on their job histories; or, their bestfriends were tired of experiencing the same let down in the romance department. I’m happy to coach them, too**.
Still, I am so alarmed by the medical epidemic of morbid obesity sweeping our nation that my mission is to give enough chronic dieters, be they "merely" obese or "super morbidly obese," the knowledge and experience to maintain a healthy, strong, normal-sized body! When the majority of chronic dieters master these changes we will lose the right to claim asterisk status because longterm successful weight loss maintenance will be the norm!
It begins with my exclusive FOUNDATION PROGRAM – 12 weekly private coaching tele-sessions with email support in-between, as needed. This is not simply hypnosis. This is not about following any particular diet protocol. This is about freeing you from the behaviors that doomed all your previous diets and weight loss protocols. In other words, learning how to EMBODY SUCCESS!(r) is about identifying and achieving the way you want to live the rest of your life! Most of my clients have no further need of weekly coaching after that; though they know I’m always available to assist them if some new situation creates a new doomsday response.
If you’re ready to learn specifically how this would work for you, contact me! Now! I mean, seriously! What have you got to lose?
 May 2010 by the year you enter the life of your dreams!
**Another category I’m an asterisk in: Jim & I have been married 40+ years and continue to find more love and intimacy in our relationship.

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