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What Does It Look Like?

What Does  "PRAYING IN PICTURES"  Look like?
One workshop participant shares 2 of her photo-journal pages with you!
Thanks, Sheila, for permission.
PS To learn more about Sheila, visit her inspiring website:

From: TheWholeTruthInc.com
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 22:10:43 -0400
Subject: Praying in Pictures I
To: lauralyn@embodysuccess.net

Photo: Sheila K. Smith (c)2009



I’ve always thought of the road less traveled as being dark and lonely. 

I was wrong.

It is bright green and clean summer air.

It is the sound of water and busy bugs.

It is the place where I have found health and peace.

It is the path that has returned me to home.


–Sheila K. Smith 8/16/2009





Photo: Sheila K. Smith (c)2009


What am I trying to understand?


I see quiet in this peaceful place.


How did I forget?


Wherever I am, God is.


Well, here I am and all is well.


Here I am breathing in the beautiful lake.


Taking breath step by step.



–Sheila K. Smith  8/15/2009








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