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Will I See YOU at the OPEN Casting Call tomorrow in Atlanta!
Sure, you could hop on a plane and show up tomorrow morning in NYC at the NBC Store in Rockefeller Center for the open casting call there, but  
I’ll be at DAVE & BUSTER’S Duluth location: 4000 Venture Drive to cover the event for a magazine & my weblogs. (I was a fulltime investigative reporter back in the 1970’s. See TIME mag. issue 12/23/73, "Media" section.) I’ll look forward to interviewing you there!
What are they looking for in family teams? Read my exclusive interview with TBL’s casting agent, IAN YOUNG, posted below.


Warning: DO NOT attempt to get on line BEFORE 7AM. The event begins at 10AM and they will only count persons who wait until 7AM onward to sign up. Folks in Tampa who lined up earlier than that found out the hard way, being bumped to the back of the line!!

BE PREPARED: On the right side of this screen you’ll see a list of some of my magazine stories on how to overcome SELF-SABOTAGE in weight loss. You can read them on line and/or print them out to read while you’re standing on line.

Look for me at Dave & Buster’s. I’ll be rooting for ya!



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