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"THE BIGGEST LOSER" Casting Director Sets the Record Straight! 
I spoke directly with Casting Director Ian Young late this evening about whether or not having undergone any form of weight loss surgery would prevent someone from becoming a contestant.
The short answer?
"No. As long as they have at least 100 lbs.to lose we don’t care what they’ve tried in the past to lose weight."
Ian went on to talk about what the producers are looking for in potential contestants:
"We’re looking for people with great personality; not as in, telling jokes or performing; but, as in being open and real in front of people they don’t know. They need to be outgoing.They’re going to be on camera in front of millions.They have to be intensely committed to changing their lives and losing the weight."
"The challenge for people who have ‘only’ 100 lbs.to lose is to sustain their will to compete at the highest level; they’re likely to lose it fairly soon – then what? We can’t have them continuing to lose weight – that’s unhealthy! But we can’t have them stop competing or sneaking extra food to hold their own. You see the problem?"
So there you have it.
My opinion?
If you’ve had weight loss surgery and gained back a signficant amount of weight; or, if you’ve had WLS within the last 6-9 months but your slow rate of weight loss has kept you in the morbidly obese weight loss category; and, the opportunity to be on "THE BIGGEST LOSER" thrills you –   go for it!!                                                 
Details on the blog post below!

Comments on: "“THE BIGGEST LOSER” UPDATE to Atlanta OPEN Casting Call" (4)

  1. Lauralyn, I just want to THANK you for your continuing efforts to help others become healthier. I won\’t be in line in Atlanta but will be early in Tampa Bay. I\’m trying for the VIP Treatment there but either way I\’m hoping to get on the BIG SHOW. I\’ve met you once before a few years ago at an OH Conference either in Atlanta or Orlando.Keep Moving,Mike

  2. EmbodySuccess said:

    I\’ll be cheering you on, Mike!

  3. Lauralyn, It was an experience I hope I never have to go through again. It was so unorganized. I got there at 6 AM. Others had been there from the night before. A lady took it upon herself to hand out numbers. I got #44. The was even one lady who had been there for 2 days waiting. At 7 AM the Tampa Bay Performing Center staff opened a door to allow access to the Restrooms. Still no organization. I\’d thought at least ropes would\’ve been set-up to control cutting in line of those showing up after the early birds. But nothing. At. 9 AM, the centers staff started getting everyone up on their feet to organize a single file line. But this was a couples/partner Casting Call. At 930 AM Someone from The Biggest Loser staff on a mega horn came out saying to form a line or all would be sent home. Also if anyone was caught shoving or pushing, both parties would be sent home. Well those who showed up after 7-8 AM did end up in front and on the now short entry form they handed out I was #95.Remember we are all standing in one spot not moving. At 10:00 AM thet let the first 100 into the lobby of the center. And even though excited we\’re ALL getting very tired of it. We were formed into a snake line and divided into ten persons groups which were then lead to tables for group interviews. The was only one table, but eventually they opened a second table. When I and my partner with the other 8 got to our Interview we had been standing for 2 1/2 hours. The interviewer which we could barely hear first stated "that we had been standing for 2 1/2 hours. That if we did this every day for a year we\’d lose 50-100 pounds, all be itself." woopie. We then had 30 seconds each to tell who we were. He asked (not Ian) about the last seasons show "was it fair of the mother to send the daughter home and was the final out come of the mother beating the son, right." this was an open question which of course was total who could shout the loudest. Then we were eached why we wanted to lose weight? That was it. The group interview was over.The interview was over in 15 minutes. And we were told if they wanted us we\’d get a call either Saturday evening or Sunday. But they did pull to the side, two cousins who were dressed alike expressing they coached Youth Football together. The rest were shown to the door to go home, walking passed the still long line around the building. I had taken the time to print out the 9 page long application it said to do on the Biggest Loser website for these Open Callings. But they refused to accept them as many people had them. I WILL take some photos and make the short 15/20 minute DVD and send it in. I wonder how long they keep them on file for future shows or just toss them?Lauralyn I asked about you and they didn\’t know of you or the VIP treatment. I pray you and all of those who show up in Atlanta have a much better ecperience!Mike

  4. Coach Lauralyn said:

    Mike, I\’m passing your feedback to Ian. Sorry y\’all had to go through that; but, it seems all those reality shows have this same kind of "mob scene" when they have "open" casting calls. I\’ve seen aerial footage of many of them and it\’s very much what you described. Ian is my only contact and I wouldn\’t expect others to know me as I\’m not an employee.They are very explicit in asking folks NOT to line up before 7AM on the Atlanta casting call. This may be why those who followed that request were put at the front of the line. Just guessing.The fact that they set aside cousins who were DRESSED ALIKE is tip off about making yourselves memorable as a family team.They\’ve given me permission to cover the story and, so far, it will definitely run in the August issue of ORACLE 20-20 magazine. Am working on some other local outlets.Stay in touch.

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