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"THE BIGGEST LOSER" Casting Director Sets the Record Straight! 
I spoke directly with Casting Director Ian Young late this evening about whether or not having undergone any form of weight loss surgery would prevent someone from becoming a contestant.
The short answer?
"No. As long as they have at least 100 lbs.to lose we don’t care what they’ve tried in the past to lose weight."
Ian went on to talk about what the producers are looking for in potential contestants:
"We’re looking for people with great personality; not as in, telling jokes or performing; but, as in being open and real in front of people they don’t know. They need to be outgoing.They’re going to be on camera in front of millions.They have to be intensely committed to changing their lives and losing the weight."
"The challenge for people who have ‘only’ 100 lbs.to lose is to sustain their will to compete at the highest level; they’re likely to lose it fairly soon – then what? We can’t have them continuing to lose weight – that’s unhealthy! But we can’t have them stop competing or sneaking extra food to hold their own. You see the problem?"
So there you have it.
My opinion?
If you’ve had weight loss surgery and gained back a signficant amount of weight; or, if you’ve had WLS within the last 6-9 months but your slow rate of weight loss has kept you in the morbidly obese weight loss category; and, the opportunity to be on "THE BIGGEST LOSER" thrills you –   go for it!!                                                 
Details on the blog post below!

“The BIGGEST LOSER” Open Casting Call in ATLANTA!

Got a phonecall from IAN, Casting Dir.for NBC-TV’s
"The Biggest Loser" asking for my help
in getting the word out to anyone who is morbidly obese &
ready to change their life forever –
on national TV!
Next season will repeat the COUPLES formula, so they are looking for
FAMILY TEAMS of 2, including
married ~ parent/child ~ siblings ~ in-laws ~ siblings ~ cousins ~
Winning team gets $250,000 & a new lease on life in healthy bodies!
So here’s the 4-1-1:

THE RULES: Do NOT line up before 7AM; casting agents will

do their best to see first 500 persons on line; no partner? OK to audition solo!

Can’t be there? Apply online at: www.thebiggestlosercasting.com

Oops!Almost forgot to tell you!  

    Ian said there’s a way to see if you qualify

    for VIP consideration at the OPEN CALL!

    Email him at:

    young.casting@gmail.com & put <VIP-ATL> in subject line.

    I’ll be covering the event, so hope to see you there!

 Lauralyn in 3X, Xmas ’02 Lauralyn, June ’09, size 8 for 4.5 yrs.!




Are you an information junkie?
A clippings hoarder?
A research addict?
Does taking action always seem
just a few more variables away?
Are you buried alive in factoids, unable to take action? 
Are you intimately familiar with bouts of OVERWHELM?
There is an antidote to this assault on your efforts to remain rational!
It cannot take affect, however, by studying it or reading about it…
You just have to experience it!
INTUITION,  when developed, is dazzling in its speed,
wisdom, creativity and usefulness in guiding you into
the right and perfect choice, action, decision, behavior,
relationship, answers for you!
The simplest and most immediately practical method of developing
your intuition is learning to "think" in pictures!
Experience the exhilaration and vitality of discovering your capacity
to discover what’s "on your mind," and "in your heart" using your
intuition! How? When?
"The ART of Making Your Dreams Come True!"
Sunday, June 14, 2- 4:30PM in Atlanta
Tuition only $45 per. includes all art supplies!
Small group & spaces are filling up! Register NOW!
E-mail me with subject: "6/14 workshop = [[# of persons enrolling]]"
In message: Indicate whether you want to pay by PayPal invoice or your
Visa/MC credit card (in which case, provide a daytime phone #).
This workshop will focus on scratchboard and collage processes.
I’ve been leading art workshops since 2001! Come! Meet another side
of yourself whose been dying  to "talk" to you!!