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Archive for December, 2008

Modeling Self-Care?

Are You Modeling Good Self-Care; or,
Are You Sending the Message,
"Do as I say, not as I do!" ?
One of the hallmark’s of my coaching style is to model the behaviors I coach in others.
So I’ll be spending most of the next 5 days enjoying family celebrations of Christmas.
I dream the best holidays for you and yours and a new year in which YOUR dreams come true!
Lovingly sent,  Lauralyn

Does Success Intrigue You?

If You’re Ready to Live the Rest of Your Life Free of Self-Sabotage; or, at least –
If You’re Ready to IMAGINE the Rest of Your Life Free of Self-Sabotage –
Read On!
You are an expert at dieting; OR, falling for the wrong Mr./ Ms. Right; OR, launching attractive, imaginative, value-creating business projects only to lose interest/ funding/support…
AND you know exactly when it all starts to unravel; and (if you’ve invested in psychotherapy) you know WHY you are failing at it, again; and, there’s a part of you that observes the whole predictable, tragic pattern while shouting warnings at the movie screen in your home theater of the mind.
In fact, your whole cycle of new idea/ project, excitement, commitment, success, anxiety, sabotage, failure, depression, new idea/ project – is sooooo familiar that it is hard to imagine life outside of this script.
But there is! And in one-on-one or small group (4-6 participants) coaching, I will guide you to master my FOUNDATION PROGRAM that instills in you the skills and strategies to shut down self-sabotage whenever it pops up.
And while your possiblities may be unlimited, my time is finite! So email me to learn more and schedule your complimentary coaching session!
When my 4-day work week gets subscribed, it’ll be a few months before openings arise. Don’t wait to have your questions and concerns answered! Email me now and let me know which of these key life issues is primary for you: weight loss, career, relationships and I’ll send you the relevant information and interview questionaire so we can schedule our session time.
After all, what have you got to lose?