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13 Weeks from Tomorrow is Christmas!

And the Good News Is – What?©

By Lauralyn Bellamy, MA, MDiv, cert. Dream Coach® & DC Group Leader


Let’s talk truth here. The situation is tighter than that. We know that all the holiday eating actually begins around Thanksgiving, right?  Just think about all those office parties, client lunches and dinners, family gatherings, social events and all those snapshots to record those memorable moments…9 weeks away!


Are you confident of your ability to get through all those “moveable feasts” without gaining weight?


 Or are you already resigned to eating mindlessly, eating too much, eating to calm your nerves, to console yourself, eating foods you know will put you on an emotional roller coaster?


Are you already planning your January diet boot camp?


Is yo-yo dieting your life?


What if you could learn how to shutdown and dismantle your self-sabotage machinery in 12 weeks of individual coaching with me? I’m talking about one-on-one private telephone sessions (:45), plus personal email follow up in between sessions, plus your own workbook, customized and enjoyable assignments, and behavioral modification  visualizations that make the entire journey a dream-come-true!


Best of all, once you’ve learned the Embody Success!© Coaching Method you can use it to overcome ANY pattern of SELF-SABOTAGE active in your life: overall life satisfaction,  job/ career, relationships, spiritual development…


And what if the weekly cost of this 12-week Foundation Program in the Embody Success!© Coaching Method was about what you’d expect to pay for a one-hour massage? Would it be worth your while to schedule a complimentary consultation with me to find out? Are you worth it?


I’ve been guiding obese and morbidly obese clients through this program for over 3 years after perfecting it on myself, and it works!! I have addressed hundreds at conferences on chronic obesity across the nation. My clients are across the US.


The bad news is I only have openings for 12 Foundation Program participants right now. First come first served. E-mail me pronto to schedule your consult!


Give yourself the tools you need to live the life of your dreams!

Lovingly sent,



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