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   I believe we’re all enmeshed in the interdependent web of energy that animates all there is.  

So, when my cherished spice, Jim, gets wheeled into surgery tomorrow late morning, I know that if I’ve let folks know that their prayers, meditations, healing energy, loving thoughts for Jim will be gratefully received between 11:00AM – 3:00PM Eastern, he will rest in your loving energy!

And I’ll catch whatever spillover  to remain centered in the divine "Peace that passes all understanding!"

Will keep you posted.

Lovingly sent,



Comments on: "“Shower the One You Love with Love”" (1)

  1. EmbodySuccess said:

    Jim came thru his surgery in awesome shape, with great news (no unpleasant surprises found) and in less than average time!!!
    The fact that he\’s an Ultra-runner and his body was in athletic condition was a big factor, his doc said, but he couldn\’t get over how little blood loss there was during Jim\’s surgery. wooo-wooo… ; -)
    Jim came home on Friday and has been walking on our sunny cul de sac street for longer and longer periods.
    Follow up with the doc next Tues., so keep those prayers & healing thoughts coming!

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