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“If, Here You Have Found Freedom” mixed chorus & piano

  My Words Have Been Set to Music!!! (C)

By Lauralyn Bellamy

A fact that I only discovered tonight as I sought to update my YouTube site. It runs only 3:46 and is an extraordinary blending of music, imagery and words. I’ve written composer Wally KLEUCKER asking for the name of the producer of the video so we can give public acclaim to this gifted video artist. Please gift an upload of this video to any and all who will find serenity, comfort and/or healing in the listening…

   And in yet another demonstration of SYNCHRONICITY at work, my discovery of the existence of this music video came only after I announced to my fellow life coaches the coming-into-creation of a non-residential retreat center Spirit christenned DREAMHAVEN in which I will provide individual and SMALL group half- and all-day programs in "Praying in Pictures; the Art of Spiritual Development!"

Lovingly sent,




YouTube – "If, Here, You Have Found Freedom,"  mixed chorus and piano

The View from My Office – Part 2

Our Dream House is All "Decked" Out!! by Lauralyn Bellamy
Two months ago I naively believed the only thing the deck spanning the back of our home might need before our son’s wedding (June 13th!) would be some pressure washing, maybe re-staining. You can read the horror story of what an inspection revealed.
We hired Larry Doege, the carpenter who has been maintaining, repairing and expanding just about every home on our cul-de-sac street for the last ten years, to replace our rotted decks. He brought his 27-year old son, "EJ," a Coast Guard officer on family leave, and in about 7 days they gave us a truly expansive, new deck.
To save a couple of thousand words, here are some of the pics!
As always, to read captions, pass your cursor over the images.