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Joe Vitale guest teaches at Pat O”Bryan’s UNSEMINAR Elite-2 in San Antonio TX

Pat O’Bryan (L) creator of "YOUR PORTABLE EMPIRE" designed "Unseminar Elite" to be an intense, highly individualized weekend for a maximum of 12 students who want to learn how to use internet technology to grow their  businesses, coaching practices and other services. Lauralyn Bellamy, creator of Embody Success! the coaching program that teaches clients how to shutdown self-sabotage behavior, was among the fortunate ones the weekend of March 21-23 in San Antonio, Texas. Joe Vitale (R) one of the extraordinary teachers in "THE SECRET," and inspired mentor to thousands of us through his ever-growing bibliography – The Attractor Factor, The Key, and Zero Limits, spent over an hour answering our questions and then graciously posing for pictures.

My personal computer wizard was David Pettit. In the "real" world, at my current income, I couldn’t afford an hour of his 4-figure consultation time and here he was throughout the seminar whenever I got in a jam. He was wise enough to know the best way for me to learn is to guide me to do the programs myself.  Pat would also come over & help me sort things out. How lucky can "a creative type" like yours truly get!!! That’s David in the photo, below. Jennifer dialogues with Joe.


We were holed up at the DRURY PLAZA-Riverwalk, so every lunch hour and evening was spent strolling along the beautifully landscaped, cafe-dense San Antonio River!

(L-R) I stayed at the Hotel Valencia & took this photo 2 blocks away! Lunch & learn with Pat & David for Sheila and myself at The Iron Cactus! The winding riverwalk begs to be photographed! I enjoyed both the Italian dinner and the live blues & jazz music they were serving up at Stefanos…way cool!

To be continued…




SanAntonio_Lauralyn recommends Stefanos 3-22-08

Joe VITALE spoke at Pat O’BRYAN’S “UNseminar Elite” an intensive weekend workshop for individual attention & I was among the fortunate 10 who participated!