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But Do You Love the REAL Me? (C) Lauralyn Bellamy

As Valentine’s Day approaches, do you find yourself wishing someone special would love the REAL you?
If so, take a moment to read my newest magazine piece by clicking on the title:
The let me know what you think!

Have You Forgotten What Your Life Can Be About? Watch this clip!


What’s the one factor

every single example of achievement in

this 5 minute, life-changing movie

have in common?

Click on this link, experience the thrill

and figure out the answer!

(When it’s over, just click on the "back" arrow to return here.)

 The 212 Movie





Every champion had a coach !
Every winner among those fields of champions had a coach!
Every one of them had dreams, a plan to realize those dreams, and
the passion and commitment to do whatever it takes to live their dreams!


I have a finite number of hours in a week in which to work with
a select number of persons who are ready and willing
to face their elaborately constructed self-sabotage behaviors,
learn specifically how to turn OFF their doomsday machines,
learn how to dream the rest of their lives,
make their dreams come true and
celebrate the gift of their lifetime!


Will YOU be one of those people
to invest 12 weekly coaching tele-sessions with me –
one-on-one, or in a small (4-6 people) group –
and learn how to Embody Success! ?

To learn more about my 12-session FOUNDATION PROGRAM

Email me at:  Lauralyn@embodysuccess.net

SKYPE me at embodysuccesscoaching: or

Call 678-389-9773 to leave your phone #.

I know you were meant to be fearless in championing

your own life! And the time is




But, Are You Happy?

Perhaps the idea of happiness induces insulin shock in your psyche.
Or yearning in your heart.
Or a leap of recognition in your soul.
Or a blank wall…
You gotta read this:  
Then, let me know your thoughts about it! 
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