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I am SOOOOO psyched! I’ve just finished reading 5 of the best, most comprehensive, first-person accounts of climbing Mt. Everest. It is so inspiring I’ve decided I’m going to climb Everest in ’08!
Yup, going to cash in some stocks, buy a plane ticket to as close as I can fly in; hit REI for some awesome climbin clothes & gear and JUST DO IT!
Am I hiring a guide? A sherpa?
You’re not paying attention! I told you I read 5 of the best books! They make you feels as if you’re really there! Like, I know Everest like the back of my hand. I’ll map it out just like they wrote it.
IS SHE CRAZY? You’re thinking.
WELL, OF COURSE! Confusing reading information about a process with mastery of the process itself could prove fatal!
But here you are, poised on the cusp of a new year and you’ve got:
  •  your SUCCESS & PROSPERITY! how-to’s,
  • your In-A-Year-I’ll-Be-Married! how-to’s, and
  • the absolutely-cannot-fail, most scientific, easiest diet books everr written

near-at-hand, ready to help you SUCCEED: launching that fantastic business! finding your soul mate! and shedding alllll those unwanted pounds in time for Spring break, Easter vacation, summer at the pool!

Do you have a coach to lead you around the pitfalls, avoid wrong turns, overcome setbacks?

Of course not! You’ve read those books, remember? Which is why 2008 is going to be different from…

OK, subtle I’m not; but assess the psychological, financial and health costs you’ve already paid by your repeated failures to succeed on your own. It would appear to be an investment that would pay ample dividends to hire someone who can guide and support you on your next heroic quest.

And that’s where I come in. My life coaching specialty is teaching you how to dismantle your own self-sabotage machinery while guiding and supporting your achievements!

UNTIL AND UNLESS YOU LEARN HOW TO SHUT DOWN SELF-SABOTAGE, it doesn’t matter how many books, DVD’s, workshops and seminars you take – you will be caught in the wheel of almost there/ start over!

Give your dreams for 2008 the chance to succeed – for a change!

Learn how by contacting me through my guestbook to get detailed info and arrange a complimentary session!

Together, we’ll celebrate the gift of your lifetime!





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