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  2 Newly discovered VIDEOS of 
the SECRET behind YO-YO DIETING!  
Check out these 2 VIDEOS of your humble scribe speaking before the Obesity Help national conference in L.A. in Sept.06!
 PART 1: in only 5:43min – with humor and drama – I introduce you to your reptillian brain
and the role it plays in your pattern of sabatage. For this conference I focused
on obesity and our 90% FAILURE rate [Nat’l. Inst. of Health] with diets!
But the dynamics are the same for business and relationship failures, too! 
 In the indispensable, unforgettable PART 2, it’s downright
amazing the amount of useful information packed into only 5:39 min.   
Aaaand you get to rate them! Review them! Send them to friends you think will find this info valuable!

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