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Okay, okay – your first reaction to these 2 photo’s is, "Lady, if that’s the most weight you had to lose, don’t waste my time!" And you’d be right! My "real" before pic is in my photo album on this blogsite. I’m wearing my 3X jumper in Feb., 2003. But I’m most proud of these two. Why? Because it shows I didn’t re-gain the weight I lost! And that makes my results statistically "NOT TYPICAL."
Even my bariatric surgeon counseled me to expect to gain back some weight after the first year! Dieting is a recession-proof industry because we can be relied upon to keep gaining back the fat we’ve lost!
How did I beat a lifetime of yoyo-dieting? I learned how to DISMANTLE my SELF-SABOTAGE  machinery!
And I can teach YOU how to do the same!
My 2-part magazine article on my EMBODY SUCCESS!(c) method can be read online at these 2 links:
I accept a small number of private coaching clients at a time. Contact me for a complimentary consult to see if we’re meant to work together in my 12-session FOUNDATION PROGRAM! 
 [The author – Left: Labor Day, 2004, size 10; Right: Nov. 11, 2007, size 8]

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