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Holidays Haunted by Ghosts of Failed Diets, Relationships, Work?

Haunted by the Ghosts of Christmas’ Past?©

By Lauralyn Bellamy, MA, MDIV



If the mere thought of the "Season to be Merry" fills you less with "fa-la-la-la-lah" and more  BAH! HUMBUG!” and a severe case of the munchies, well…

Be not afraid! I bring you glad tidings of great hope. Embody Success!© goes directly to the self-sabotage machinery and teaches folks just like you how to turn it off so you’ll be free to create the life of your dreams!

Imagine moving through the weeks of holiday shopping, partying, planning, greeting card-sending, and home decorating with a profound sense of centered spirituality, emotional equanimity and healthy energy!

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Praying in Pictures; The Art of Spiritual Development (c)

For some it’s a rosary, others click off worry beads or clutch a crucifix…
For me, it’s holding a camera.
Each of these examples illustrate different doorways into the realm of spirituality – that interior place where we register the presence of awe and wonder.
When I hold a camera, I see my world anew; it is breathtaking in its grace, sensuality, complexity, its microscopic details and panoramic vistas. I see my world shifting  back and forth between its impermanent realism and its timeless witness to transient humanity in such rapid frequency as to transport me out of time altogether.
I practice what I call Expressive Theology – the conviction that my lifelong devotion to being in communion with the Absolute Mystery that sourced and sources all that is requires me to express my relationship with and questions for God through art media. As keenly as I cherish language and find joy and comfort in liturgy spoken and sung, there is a deep and abiding other part of me that must let go of language in order to speak in pictures.
My newest photo album on this blog , "Praying in Pictures; The Art of Spiritual Development(c)" has examples of what happens when I meditate with a camera. Go see it now!
Expressive Theology includes all non-verbal language forms of worship and dialogue with the divine, including dance, music, sculpture and art. 
Since 2004, it has been my privilege to conduct "Praying in Pictures(c)" workshops. These can be configured as a series of separate classes, a full weekend event, or a one day sampler. If you have a group of friends, a congregation, or a spiritual study group that would like to bring my workshop to your location, please contact me via email through the link below:
I also take a few souls every so often in private spiritual direction using art media. If you are interested in exploring your spiritual development with me individually through art and poetry, and are able and willing to come to Atlanta, OR have a digital camera capable of downloading your pictures onto your computer, and an online SKYPE #and we can meet on our private SKYPE call.
As a hospital-trained chaplain, I am devoted to multifaith ministry and guiding persons into an authentic spirituality that respects the integrity of their beliefs, from atheist to devout religious practitioner.
I wrote a letter to you about this at: www.yourchaplain.com/yourspirituality.htm
SKYPE is a free download, your personal SKYPE # is also free; and, once acquired, you will be able to call any other SKYPE # ANYWHERE in the world that has internet service FREE!!! I know it sounds too good to be true; but, it’s TRUE! To learn more, visit: http://www.skype.com .
What has spirituality got to do with stopping SELF-SABOTAGE? Ahhh, grasshopper, that’s the next chapter…