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Can you hear me now?

 If you were "lost in thought," what would be the best way
for me to get your immediate and receptive attention?
I mean, I don’t want you leaping for my throat!
For example, if I am "off in my own little world"
(as an exhaustive list of long-suffering teachers can attest)
you can wave your arms at me,  jump up and down,
clear your throat and even toss off a verbal cue,
("Will the daydreamer in the 3rd row, 5th desk care to
answer?) to no avail. I’m not so sure even blinking the lights
would get my attention.
But if you were to forcefully call out my name – LAURALYN!
in a nanosecond you’d have my total attention.
It may take an additional second to know where I am;
but I’ll instantly be engaged in waiting for your next
Some of us learn most effectively in that narrow-focused
intensity of attention – whether we’re one-on-one with a teacher,
coach or mentor; or alone with a book, a website, in a lab,
off in our  workroom, studio, practice room.
For us, moments of inspiration happen with the swift, sudden precision
of a laser knife slicing through a tangle of confusion. Place us in an
environment that encourages us to "shut out" all the background noise
and give us a teacher who is equally gifted at bringing that level of focus
and intensity to our session time and the opportunities for life-changing
inspirations cascade down like mana from heaven!
This mode of coaching I classify as: INTENSIFIED
Others are enthralled with a gifted lecturer who holds their audience in rapt attention.
They are excited to feel part of the audience/class and come to life
when the group is encouraged to ask questions and discuss things.
They assign significance or value to an idea or person when they
hear others voice it; or when the group takes an idea or problem
and spends time engaged in brainstorming it collectively. They are
energized when the class "comes to life."
Exposure to this collective energy is their catalyst for inspiration.
They will lose their attention, however, if the teacher focuses on a single student.
If the teacher appears to them to be tuning out the class,
they will tune out the teacher! What’s the best way to bring these folks
back into learning mode? Say or do something that provokes a class response
ideally, cracking a joke that causes hearty laughter will immediately yank
our group-oriented daydreamer back into the classroom. But it could also be
the announcement of a pop quiz that produces an immediate outburst
of groaning and protests.
Small group coaching is the optimal coaching mode for such persons.
Here energy is AMPLIFIED by the focused discussions of 4-6 participants.
Under the direction of a teacher/coach gifted at "reading" her
group’s energy and attention collectively and individually, their ability
to carefully listen to one another is nurtured. Ideally, the coach will
"conduct" the discussion as if it is a piece of chamber music and each
musician is committed to producing a harmonious musical conversation.
Members are rewarded for their heightened ability to listen as they
experience progressively more and more useful insights and inspirations
triggered by what they’ve heard others say. They come to realize that
another’s wisdom or thought could be the switch that turns on their
channel for receiving an insight that illuminates the nature of an obstacle,
the mechanics of a solution, or a life-changing inspiration!
Before I announce a BREAKTHROUGH in delivering EMBODY SUCCESS!
Coaching, I’ll return to my original question:
 If you were "lost in thought," what would be the best way
for me to get your immediate and receptive attention?
Your answer will tell you whether you would thrive in experiencing my powerful
in the INTENSIFIED mode of individual coaching; or,
the brand new AMPLIFIED mode of small group coaching!
For the 1st time ever, I am offering a few small groups tailored to
one’s TIME ZONE and ISSUE .
To learn more, email me now: lauralyn@embodysuccess.net
as group size is strictly limited!
You will enjoy the holiday season vaccinated against self-sabotage as you master
the ability to EMBODY SUCCESS!
What have you got to lose?
What are you waiting for?
You don’t have all the time in the world;
what you do have is  enough time to
love your life!

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