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What is the key ingredient necessary to successfully embarking upon a diet?


What is the key factor in sabotaging that same diet?


What accounts for the unreasonable optimism of dieters

embarking on new diets in spite of our history of agonizing, humiliating failures?

The memory and promise of how pleasurable it is to be in a state of enchantment.


To begin the process of dieting is to enter a state of enchantment involving:

Ø       The mental/ emotional/ spiritual preparation as one embraces the discipline, denial of pleasure and delayed gratification of dieting;

Ø       Assembling the necessary tools – the food scale, the software program,                                                                     the diet diary, the workout clothes, etc.

Ø       Making a public declaration of our program’s imminent beginning with or without                                                          a petition for support from those with whom we curry favor and approval;

Ø       Plunging in with an intensity that makes our ordinary existence pale in significance;

Ø       Upholding the rituals of the program, including when, what, and how much to eat, when,                                           where and how to weight oneself and the meticulous recording of the data;

Ø       Experiencing the energetic exhilaration of following the protocol with encouraging                                               results on the scale and/or as we wear clothes that were formerly too small;

Ø      Enjoying the praise of friends, family and colleagues who marvel at our power                                                              to transform our bodies from one shape into another.


BUT, what if there was a third state of mind that could liberate us from the cycle of hope-and-despair?

What if we could learn a way of working with our biology, psychology and spirituality                                                              to step out of this either/or model and create a radical paradigm shift?

What if we could learn a collaborative method that trains the brain, the mind and our

unconscious/spirit to listen to, learn from and cooperate with one another to insure

the optimal life experience of the Self that each is a part of?

What if this third way made it natural and effortless for us to disarm the self-sabotage response

whenever it got triggered by our decision to achieve a new goal, live out a new dream,

follow a new vision, fall in love with a new person?


Who would have the courage to make such a leap of faith into an alternate way of experiencing one’s self?

Those who are ready to Embody Success!

To be continued…


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