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"Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era"  
 "If you’re goin’ to [New York City], make sure to wear a flower in your hair…"
on Madison Ave. & 75th St!  
where, until Sept. 16th, you can indulge  in a long, lingering peep at the vivid, naive, romantic, violent, hopeful, angry, euphoric art and music, photography, counter-culture hedonism & gonzo journalism, fashion and politics of the US-dominated hippie movement of the mid-1960’s-to-70’s.
Three of the Whitney’s 5 floors are filled with black rooms where  light shows pulsate to the undulating riffs of rock guitars, insistently throbbing drums and raga’s sinuous sitars and chattering tablas. The only elements missing to insure a truly virtual  experience of the enchantment and disillusionment of the era are pitchers of cheap sangria  and marijuana smoke piped in so everyone can experience an approximation of the  altered states many of us born before1950 were in while staring at our mind-blowing record album jackets in our friends’ "crash pads."
If you can’t get to the exhibit, it’s cool, man, ‘cuz they gotta crazy wonderful package of 2 audio CD’s  and a DVD  for sale that commemorates this awesome survey of a truly enchanted moment  in American history. Call 1-800-944-8639 for more info or to purchase the 3-disc package. Peace and love.

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