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It’s one of those questions designed to give you permission to dream, right?

"If money were no object, I would [do _] [be_ ] [have _]."

Most of us will indulge in a bit of  daydreaming.  

A recent example: I asked a coaching client this question and as she began to drift into her reverie, she gave out a bittersweet, "Hah!I later asked what prompted the mirth. She confided the thought that first sprang to her mind: "I would do nothing!"  The notion still had the power to tickle laughter out of her.  

But, the screen of my imagination, usually alive with a cascade of images, suddenly went to white. "What would doing nothing look like?" I asked in genuine curiosity.

Her silence felt brittle to me. "You know, ‘NOTHING’!"

I grabbed a bit of hospital humor out of my subconscious: "Unless you’re in a persistent vegetative state, I don’t think it’s possible to do nothing!" She considered my words and began to edge out into her field of dreams and play with ideas.  

But before long, for most of us, Reality speaks up:  "Enough of that airy-fairy stuff! Back to reality!" We give a contented-if-wistful sigh and either file the dreams away or erase them.  

The Big Lie is we believe that Reality is more objective than our Dreams; yet, both states of thinking operate with very potent, subjective mental filters:     

The reality filter allows only the lacks, not enough’s, and a big, ugly pile of past "bad" experiences to be seen; in seconds it presents you with a thick catalogue of insurmountable obstacles, scary risks and impossibly steep costs.    

Dream coaching® employs a 2-filter system, sort of like those "3-D" cardboard goggles having one green lens and the other red; when you watch a special movie or read a specially printed comic book the images seemed to walk right out of the screen or off the page!   Go to: www.embodysuccess.com 

The first filter reveals your degree of actual commitment and certainty to achieving whatever it is that the apparent lack of money appeared to be withholding from you. This filters out our fantasies – wishes we have no control over, such as winning the lottery! What remains are dreams we have the possibility of accomplishing.

The second filter acts much like special night vision lenses that use heat to "see" what the darkness hides from our eyes, making it possible to "see" resources, solutions, contacts and strategies that could, if we choose to employ them, deliver those dreams front and center in our lives! 

So I’m ringing off a session with a coaching client last week, feeling good about what she’s accomplished, and the thought pops into my head, “If money were no object, I would still be dream-coaching others!” It was an exhilarating realization.

Before I could sink into a thick cushion of the warm fuzzies, I saw flashbacks of interviews with persons who sought me out because they were suffering from the spirit-killing effects of self-sabotage and had heard or read that teaching people how to overcome their history of failure was my specialty.  

But these memories were a particular subset of those consults: those persons who were excited about how Embody Success!© Coaching could transform their future and then suddenly seized on the idea that they were unable to afford the modest tuition for the Foundation Program. One after another, I “saw” them totally shut down any intention of brainstorming ways they might “find” the money.

Inspired by the teachings of one of my mentors, The Secret ‘s Joe Vitale, I had devised some enjoyable mind games to empower clients to experience the exhilaration of “thinking outside the box.” Those who were willing to play along were soon beginning their 12-session adventure jn the Foundation Program.

I wish there were some additional way I could help them remove the belief in the scarcity of money from their minds,” I thought; and with a deep sigh, turned my attention to retrieving my emails.  

There was a message from my friend Michael, an inspiring coach and author, who was enjoying his life as an abundantly prosperous entrepreneur. In a head-turning illustration of synchronicity (a meaningful co-incidence of events), he was dreaming for me what I was wishing for those potential clients!

A friend had introduced Michael to a program that provided a way of increasing his income while providing great information products to empower others. It did not involve ANY sales calling or hitting up relatives to buy vitamins, etc..

It was designed to be internet efficient and totally portable. It did not require his daily attention; he could go on vacation and the income would not only continue, but continue to grow! He had been using it for about a year, Michael continued, and he was blissfully happy with the total freedom it gave him to  be -, do- and have – whatever he desired; money was no longer an obstacle.

Given the wonderful books and coaching programs Michael has created in 2007 already, his life is a living testimony to the fact that he is now free to bank on his dreams!  

And live out his spiritual principles! 

Michael wrote about the terrible floods assaulting his part of Texas, and how grateful he was to have the financial resources to go out and help others in need of shelter, home repairs and other basic necessities!  

Can you picture this?

Michael is driving around Sherman, Texas during the fleeting "lulls" between the torrential downpours; he sees folks salvaging what’s left of their belongings from what remains of their home; Michael pulls over, gets out and talks to them; then writes a check to help out!

A gift! No strings attached! From a perfect stranger who knows the truth and seeks to practice it:  I am my brother’s keeper!   

To have the freedom to perform such “random acts of kindness” is a blessing to Michael.  

He urged me to click on the link he provided to watch a short movie about the program and then, if I needed to have any questions or concerns answered, to call him personally! As a friend and mentor, he was confident and excited to make this opportunity available to me.  

I clicked.

I watched. Three times.

I made a list of questions.

I phoned Michael and we talked.

One on one. No rush, happy to be of service.

I joined!

Haven’t had a moment of regret.

 This is the best way to coach – living it!

“Become the change you wish to see!”  

So now it’s my opportunity to reach out to you.

If you have dreams you’d like to live to enjoy, BUT…

I urge you to click on the link below and

watch this informative movie.

It’ll “cost” you about 14-minutes of the rest of your life!

Jot down any questions or concerns. See if the exceptionally clear website answers them. If not, call or email me with your questions. If I can’t answer them, Michael can!

Here’s your link to financial freedom, independence

and the rest of your life to live out your dreams!  

Right now! Click on:  http://www.embodysuccesspassport2wealth.com  

Sent in faith,




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