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On the road again…

I am driving through "America’s heartland!" my son – The Drummer – Luke, declares to me.
Luke was born in Houston and spent the first, formative 18 months of his life absorbing the essence of being Texan.
He spent the 17 years that followed growing up with his big brother, Zachary, in the town of Roswell, Georgia,
a mill town that survived General William Tecumseh Sherman’s extended stay during "the war of Northern aggreression,"
as some of the locals persist in calling our Civil War.
In truth, Roswell is a speedy 15-min. ride down GA 400 to "the A-T-L" and they grew up with frequent trips to the High Museum of Art, acting classes at the Alliance Theater, Sat. morning young people’s concerts by the Atlanta Symphony, and the latest national touring company productions of various Broadway musicals. So we’re not talking about a Southern hayseed childhood. But he has already driven across our great land a number of times, already.
think Luke and his lady love, Heather (also raised in Roswell), are watching to see how this Native New Yorker
will react to a region of the country most us from The City have only the most tenuous grasp of –
which of those "M" states is where (or the "I" states, for that matter)?
Still, Luke, too, views America’s Heartland as a region to be traversed on his way to Ft. Collins, Colorado
where he and Heather and their critters will set up house. To hear them talk, Colorado is as close to being
the perfect state as can be found in this United States of America.
And indeed, the hand of divine Providence seems to be involved here – as Luke is already part of a successful rock band,
based out of (you guessed it!) Ft. Collins. Check ’em out: www.myspace.com/wooleye .
He’s already performed several gigs with them in Colorado and was driving home to Atlanta last week, from their
performance at the WAKARUSA Festival in Kansas, when the car’s timing belt broke. I’m along to drive one of their cars to
their new home; but, because Luke’s PT Cruiser was repaired in St. Louis, this first day of our 3-day trek I got to ride with Heather
and Daisy, her 8 year old barrel-chested, honey brown, contemplative amber eyed, lab-and? mix. See
It has been a joy. We talked about all sorts of stuff, sang along to my collection of the best of – Aretha, the Beach Boys and
the Doobie Brothers. I am elated to hear a 27-year old familiar with my generation’s rock ‘n’ roll. To know that
such classics as, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T," "What A Fool Believes," and "Wouldn’t It Be Nice" will survive us fills me with joy and hope.
It is a pleasure to hang out with them and NOT be multitasking or juggling competing "to-do’s" as we talk – face-to-face!
The sky is everywhere – a most exotic vista to someone raised in apartments on Manhattan’s Upper Westside, where residential skyscrapers invaded her neighborhood as she grew up.
Tomorrow I’ll be enjoying the solitude of driving from St. Louis into the center of Kansas… quality time with my self, God, memories and dreams.
It feels most luxurious.  Thanks for listening!
PS I’ve added a bunch of photos here under the album title, "My Blog Photos," including the darling couple!

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