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The Secret of Your Reptillian Brain!
I have the pleasure of speaking and leading workshops on "The Secret to Overcoming Self-Sabotage" at the Obesity Help Conferences <www.obesityhelp.com/events/ > and Obesity and Me conferences across the country < http://www.obesityandme.com >.
I must admit that the Geico Car Insurance’s TV spokesperson, a gekko, has made my teaching about the reptillian brain (the amygdala, part of the Limbic System) a lot easier. Folks don’t seem to have as much resistance to understanding that it does not possess the capacity to pass judgement on anything. When it commences to terminate your current dream project, it is not because it considers your dream bad, weak, foolish, expensive, doomed or anything else that the doubting, heckling, cajoling, berating inner voice* has told you.
Your reptillian brain is preverbal and programmed to do front line sentry duty 24/7 to safeguard your life. It has been programmed to assess all incoming sensory data into one of two categories: safe-and-familiar, and known-threat-or-unfamiliar. As it has not been designed to accomodate a third category for unknown or unfamiliar incoming data, it goes on alert when it first encounters an unknown. The longer the situation remains unknown the more intense the alarm-and-arm response becomes. Eventually (and this is unique to each person) it arbitrarily determines that any stimulus that persists in being unrecognizable as friend or sanctuary must, by definition, be a threat.
At this point, your reptillian brain becomes an unstoppable doomsday machine and terminates the unfamiliar program or relationship through a sequence of self-sabotage behaviors that leave the rest of the personality shell-shocked and close to despair. Your precious dream diet/ career promotion/ love-of-your-life has been terminated by "friendly fire."
The great good news is: ta-dah 
Once you learn how to demonstrate to your repitillian brain that the approaching situation, condition, or relationship is soooo friendly it becomes intimately  familiar to your amygdala, your fierce sentry will "stand down" in nanoseconds and you are free to live into the reality of your dream, "happily ever after!"
But Embody Success! does more than have it "stand down;" it teaches you how to enlist your brainy sentry’s support so that the same level of dedication and commitment to obliterating a threat can be channeled into a veritable "failsafe" program for making your dreams come true!
Pretty neat, huh!
To learn how Embody Success!(c) coaching can teach you how to overcome self-sabotage, email your request for a complimentary consult or simply more information:
Next time:
*If My Reptillian Brain’s PREverbal, Who’s Doing All that Ranting Inside My Head?
(Hint: It’s Not the Devil!)

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