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   "PEACEFUL WARRIOR" (see my movie review below) is a great illustration of the principle of Embody Success!(c) coaching: you aren’t fully alive until you are willing to open your consciousness to the miracle of your incarnation, your choice to manifest in a physical body; and the interrelated fact that the only way you can experience your embodiedness is in the present moment, where the here and the now intersect.
   One of the methods I use that is so successful with my clients is guided visualization: a form of vivid, imaginative, detailed daydreaming. Well, as synchronicity would have it  I was just finishing up production on my first audio CD of guided visualizations last week when my friend, Sandi, sent me an email about getting FREE movie tix to a film I’d never heard about. Yup! "Peaceful Warrior."
   Originally, I just imagined making this CD available exclusively to my clients to support their practice; but now I realize it can give the rest of you a firsthand experience of what it’s like to use guided visualizations to overcome YOUR self-sabotage mechanisms.
   This first program has some material that is specific to those of us who are ready to cut the string on our yoyo dieting.  2 more programs will follow this spring:  self-sabotage in relationships and career.
   Click on the illustrations from the CD cover and insert (below) for more information.
Experience the pleasure and power of guided visualizations to give you a dream worth living!
   To get  the secret DI$COUNT with your order, simply put "BLOG ORDER" in the subject line and email me at: lauralyn@embodysuccess.net !
   Email me now! What have you got to lose?  Except . Hope. Happiness .
Health. OK, OK, you get the idea!  lauralyn@embodysuccess.net

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