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How Do You Know If You’re Living In You’re Body?
If seeing a photo of yourself shocks you in disbelief and non-recognition you’re not living consciously in your body; you’re living "up in your head."
You gravitate (no pun intended) to the realm of ideas, imagination, emotions and/or spirituality with little interest in the physical realm.
Do you find it impossible to eat consciously? Mindfully?      
That means focusing not only your attention but as many of your physical senses as you can appropriately apply to savoring the food you eat.
It means CHOOSING what you eat in agreement with your commitment to creating and caring for the healthiest body you can imagine.
It means relating to your body as a full partner in creating and enjoying this lifetime you’ve been given; not resenting it as an obstacle to be logistically "handled" or worked around.

Diets don’t succeed because you’re not able to EMBODY success yet! When living consciously in your physical body is no longer threatening to you, you will be on the road to a post-diet experience that celebrates the miracle of YOUR incarnation!




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