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A Way to Stay in Your Body When You’d Rather Stay Up in Your Head!

   "PEACEFUL WARRIOR" (see my movie review below) is a great illustration of the principle of Embody Success!(c) coaching: you aren’t fully alive until you are willing to open your consciousness to the miracle of your incarnation, your choice to manifest in a physical body; and the interrelated fact that the only way you can experience your embodiedness is in the present moment, where the here and the now intersect.
   One of the methods I use that is so successful with my clients is guided visualization: a form of vivid, imaginative, detailed daydreaming. Well, as synchronicity would have it  I was just finishing up production on my first audio CD of guided visualizations last week when my friend, Sandi, sent me an email about getting FREE movie tix to a film I’d never heard about. Yup! "Peaceful Warrior."
   Originally, I just imagined making this CD available exclusively to my clients to support their practice; but now I realize it can give the rest of you a firsthand experience of what it’s like to use guided visualizations to overcome YOUR self-sabotage mechanisms.
   This first program has some material that is specific to those of us who are ready to cut the string on our yoyo dieting.  2 more programs will follow this spring:  self-sabotage in relationships and career.
   Click on the illustrations from the CD cover and insert (below) for more information.
Experience the pleasure and power of guided visualizations to give you a dream worth living!
   To get  the secret DI$COUNT with your order, simply put "BLOG ORDER" in the subject line and email me at: lauralyn@embodysuccess.net !
   Email me now! What have you got to lose?  Except . Hope. Happiness .
Health. OK, OK, you get the idea!  lauralyn@embodysuccess.net

MOVIE REVIEW: “Peaceful Warrior”

   Nick Nolte can be my spiritual director any time!
   In "Peaceful Warrior" he plays a mysterious philosopher/auto mechanic with powers of mind-over-matter that are heart-stopping. The student who is, apparently, ready for his enigmatic instructions, Danny Millman, is a gymnast at U. of California/Berkley, played with convincing swagger and dark good looks byScott Mechlowich. Danny sarcastically nicknames Nolte’s character, "Socrates" (we never learn what he calls himself) and finds himself drawn back to the "FULL service" gas station as the sign proclaims (and Socrates emphasizes as our purpose in life) despite his contempt for someone who has "settled" for being a "grease monkey." 
   This movie is about the possibility of human transformation, how we suffer avoiding it and how magnificent we are when we surrender to it. Since Danny’s dream is to make the US Olympic Gymnast Team, the lesson is very much about the miracle of human incarnation, the fusion of body-mind-and spirit. The spirituality that Socrates lives and teaches is not about leaving the body behind so one’s spirit is free to soar, but allowing that spirit to breathe into every cell of our bodies and gather the totality of ourselves into a fully integrated, fully alive, fully grace-filled human being. We are treated to demonstrations of how magnificently the body performs on the rings and pummel horse.
   When he begins to open up to Socrates, Danny explains how wonderful his life will become when he gets on the US Olympic Team for gymnastics – how the effects of this achievement will create the best relationships, the best acquisitions, the most pleasurable of lifestyles, an awesome future.
   Although Danny’s dream is very specific and exclusive, if we are honest with ourselves, we can probably identify a similar belief. How many of us believe that our lives will finally turn around when we make vice president at the office, earn our first million, diet down to a size 4, fall in love with our soul mate…
   In the meantime, every morning we wake up and step onto that rollercoaster of emotions that carry us from elation to despair and all points in between (struggle/discipline/achievements are good, relaxing/distractions/setbacks are bad) so fast that we’re either focused on what’s next or what we just got through, while the present moment is invisible and unknowable to us.
   This movie shows us what it looks like when one of us struggles to discover what living in the present moment is and finally let’s go and falls into its reality as if the universe provides each of us with a metaphysical hammock woven of consciousness, intention, purpose, imagination, creativity, courage and compassion.
   Treat yourself and those you care about to "Peaceful Warrior" this weekend. Enjoy the trailer and soundtrack at their official website: www.thepeacefulwarriormovie.com and go to the Best Buys offer for FREE tickets to the film anytime this weekend ONLY.
   It’s been a long time since I wanted to go back for a second screening of a movie, but I’m treating myself and a friend to the first show tomorrow morning. Yes, there’s that much going on in it that i missed the first time around.
   And, yes, I enjoy fantasizing about willing Socrates to appear in my life soon. Maybe when I fill up my truck this weekend…

Learning to Live from the Neck Down!

How Do You Know If You’re Living In You’re Body?
If seeing a photo of yourself shocks you in disbelief and non-recognition you’re not living consciously in your body; you’re living "up in your head."
You gravitate (no pun intended) to the realm of ideas, imagination, emotions and/or spirituality with little interest in the physical realm.
Do you find it impossible to eat consciously? Mindfully?      
That means focusing not only your attention but as many of your physical senses as you can appropriately apply to savoring the food you eat.
It means CHOOSING what you eat in agreement with your commitment to creating and caring for the healthiest body you can imagine.
It means relating to your body as a full partner in creating and enjoying this lifetime you’ve been given; not resenting it as an obstacle to be logistically "handled" or worked around.

Diets don’t succeed because you’re not able to EMBODY success yet! When living consciously in your physical body is no longer threatening to you, you will be on the road to a post-diet experience that celebrates the miracle of YOUR incarnation!